Healthcare Market Access 4.0

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The AI-Based Global Market Access Planning Tool

mAxInsights® is your AI based tool that makes it easy for healthcare companies to enter new markets quickly & effectively. It offers a fast, reliable and affordable market access planning platform with: 

  • Quick clinical assessment
  • Reimbursement codes & epidemiology
  • Reimbursement process per country 

mAxInsights® can be accessed by startups, accelerators as well as established companies and is currently available for Europe and the United States of America. Further countries in Europe and North America are being implemented in the course of 2024.

Unlock efficiency. Fast-track your dossier writing.

DO-Bo is the pioneering artificial intelligence medical writing bot, developed exclusively to enhance and expedite the creation of reimbursement dossiers.

In healthcare reimbursement processes, comprehensive and compliant dossiers are crucial. Though, their development and writing is time-consuming and resource-intensive. 

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence and a unique closed language model, DO-Bo is specifically tailored for the nuanced field of healthcare reimbursement. 

With DO-Bo, dossier versions for the US (AMCP), Europe (EU joint HTA), and Germany (AMNOG) are available within minutes after upload of all relevant materials and documents in the secured and closed back-end.

With DO-Bo, dossier development is moving into a new era – focusing on the strategic input and review of dossiers!

Negotiate with confidence. AI based virtual reality training.

Wafle elevates your knowledge transfer in the era of Market Access 4.0

Our virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) platform offers a transformative approach to training, providing your team with immersive, interactive experiences. Engage in scenarios that mimic real-life interactions with healthcare professionals or payers, navigate complex compliance guidelines, and master the art of relationship building and sales strategies within a controlled, engaging virtual environment. 

AI-driven analytics and user input ensure each session is tailored to the individual’s learning path, accelerating proficiency and confidence across compliance, key accounts, and sales disciplines. 

Empower your team with the skills to excel and lead in the healthcare industry through our advanced VR and AI training platform Wafle.

Leading the Way in Market Access 4.0

At MArS, we’ve dedicated the past 12 years to mastering the intricacies of market access in the D-A-CH region. Now, we’re stepping into the future with Market Access 4.0, integrating revolutionary AI-driven platforms to enhance our service offerings globally.

Our Cutting-Edge Platforms:
mAxInsights®: The AI-Based Global Market Access Planning Tool
DO-BO: Unlock efficiency. Fast-track your dossier writing.
Q-BO: Boosting healthcare conversations
Wafle: Negotiate with confidence. AI based virtual reality training.
HealthMinds: Your AI-Enhanced Guide to Healthcare Insights

At MArS, we complement our technological innovations with unparalleled human expertise. Our team supports and guides each client through the use of these AI-based platforms, ensuring personalized and effective strategies in conjunction with direct payer interactions and early payer engagement.


Add-on – Expertise in Direct Contracting:
We also offer specialized services in direct contracting with health insurance funds in Germany. Our approach is designed to streamline the market entry process for your products, navigating through regulatory and commercial complexities with ease.