S.A.V.E. is a research and consulting company in Health Economics, Pharmacoeconomics, and Outcomes Research, founded in 1994 in Milan. It serves as the first meeting point between theoretical knowledge, academic models, and business experience in Italy. It provides various support tools tailored to the decision-making processes of institutions, companies, and professionals in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors who aim to achieve a more effective use of resources.


Your Educated Choice For Health Outcomes Research. Medlior‘s priority is to add value to your project in Canada. Medlior’s diverse team of subject-matter experts bring scientific expertise, robust methodology, and industry experience to every research topic, delivering your project on time, and within the parameters of your budget.


Sanevidence helps medical affairs, market access and marketing professionals succeed in launching and commercializing innovative therapies.

If you want the right evidence at the right time in the right format for payers, physicians and patients to make the right decisions Sanevidence is the right partner.


The Agency for Health Economic Assessment and Dissemination – AHEAD – is a specialized consulting agency that supports clients in the planning, generation and dissemination of health economic evidence.

  • Planning: Determination which health economic assessments are essential for your product from the market launch, the HTA/payer and the KOL/provider perspective.
  • Generation: Development and application of health economic comparisons and/or models in order to generate the health economic evidence for your product.
  • Dissemination: Communication of the health economic value messages (based on the health economic assessment results) to decision makers, payers, providers & KOLs.



Medconsult’s experts accompany you in determining the positioning of your healthcare technology and the best funding scheme, suited to the market requirements and the competitive environment in France.
Their expertise ranges from support in the design and monitoring of clinical and medico-economic studies to the marketing strategy. Their services cover the submission of reimbursement files, applications for derogatory financing, efficiency files, price negotiations and budget impact analysis in France.

Asgard Consulting

A Hands-On approach – customer-orientation and speed are the words which define their business. They analyze the best solutions for your issues and cooperate with you, based on their extensive connections in the Spanish market. With Asgard Consulting, the client is always in the center of their success in Spain.


Eirhub is a professional corporate consultancy focused on Health Care, Pharma & MedTech sectors in Eastern Europe.


IHC Consultancy assists companies in the market access and reimbursement process for their products or services in healthcare systems in all European countries, the US and Australia so these products and services can be successfully and profitably launched into new markets.


Decisive Consulting

Decisive Consulting was created in 2020 as a solution to a gap our founder, Esther Nzenza, saw during her 24 years in the pharmaceutical industry. We set out to bring the curiosity, capability, and capacity companies need at “Decisive Moments” of their evolution – not just ideas and plans, but active support where it’s needed and to harness the power of rebel thinking for better decisions.


COGVIO is a technology and data science company focused on the development of digital tools and apps for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. COGVIO was founded in 2017 by experts from the regulatory environment, medical science, pharmaceutical pricing & market access with software developers and data scientists to create unique technology-driven solutions.

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