Negotiate with confidence. AI based virtual reality training.

Wafle is the revolution in healthcare training and simulations.

Revolutionize your healthcare trainings with Wafle, our virtual reality (VR) platform with an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) closed language model, designed for individuals and departments. Dive into realistic simulations, receiving personalized feedback and tailored scenarios to enhance your reimbursement negotiation skills.

  • Upload any (internal) document into the back-end of Wafle to your virtual training partner.
  • The unique AI will create dedicated questions based on the uploaded document(s) which will be the basis for your training partner within the VR environment – an immersive avatar
  • Put your VR goggles on and start the discussions, arguments, negotiations with the Wafle AI-Avatar.
  • Wafle will also evaluate how you performed – based on your verbal response and your eye-movements.


Preparation and training areas with Wafle:

  • Price negotiations
  • Presentation at a key account (e.g. hospital)
  • Press conference
  • Sales meeting with physician(s)
  • Oral hearing
  • Meeting with members of parliament or government
  • (Legal) Compliance training


Training topics

For Individuals and Departments in Healthcare Reimbursement

Revolutionize Your Negotiation and Presentation Skills with Wafle.

Prepare for success in healthcare negotiations and presentations like never before! Our innovative virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) platform Wafle is specifically designed to enhance the negotiation and presentation skills of individuals and teams within the healthcare sector. 

Dive into realistic, immersive simulations that replicate the complexities and challenges of healthcare negotiations and presentations, allowing you to practice and hone your strategies in a risk-free environment. 

Powered by AI, our platform provides personalized feedback and scenarios tailored to your learning goals, ensuring continuous improvement and readiness for real-world discussions. Whether you’re leading a department or part of a negotiation team, Wafle equips you with the expertise to achieve optimal outcomes.

For Individuals and Departments in Compliance, Key Accounts, and Sales Reps Training

Elevate Your Team’s Performance with Cutting-Edge Training utilizing Wafle.

In the dynamic field of healthcare, effective training in compliance, key accounts management, negotiations and sales is crucial for maintaining competitive edge and regulatory adherence. 

Our virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) platform Wafle offers a transformative approach to training, providing your team with immersive, interactive experiences that go beyond traditional methods. 

Engage in scenarios that mimic real-life interactions with healthcare professionals, navigate complex compliance guidelines, and master the art of relationship building and sales strategies within a controlled, engaging virtual environment. AI-driven analytics and feedback ensure each session is tailored to the individual’s learning path, accelerating proficiency and confidence across compliance, key accounts, and sales disciplines. Empower your team with the skills to excel and lead in the healthcare industry through Wafle.

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