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In the latest episode of MAP – the Market Access Podcast, Dr. Stefan Walzer discusses the transformative power of AI with industry veteran Sandip Shah. With over three decades in healthcare, Sandip shares his journey from sales rep to running Market Access Solutions, emphasizing on how AI is reshaping the landscape.  Discover how AI is […]

What will the future of AI in healthcare look like? Join us in the latest episode of MAP, the Market Access Podcast, featuring Alexey Zavgorodniy from Unicsoft, and explore the transformative world of artificial intelligence. With extensive experience in AI and large language models, Alexey shares invaluable insights into how AI is reshaping healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and beyond. In […]

By signing up to Healthmind you’ll always have the latest and most relevant news articles within Healthcare & Pharma industry close at hand – sign up here We are so excited to announce the launch of our news feed: Healthmind! With the rapid pace of change in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, staying informed is crucial for […]

In the newest episode of MAP – the Market Access podcast, experts Tara Cowling and Jody Filkowski unpacks the complexities and nuances of Canada’s market access for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. From regulatory hurdles to intricate reimbursement pathways, they shed light on what it takes to successfully navigate this diverse and challenging landscape. Whether you’re […]

What role will AI & VR transformations play in the future? Tune in to this fascinating episode of the Market Access Podcast to hear as our special guest, Glib Kutepov, CEO and founder of Modulate, shares his expertise.  Glib uncovers the potential of generative AI and neural networks in revolutionizing market access strategies and highlights […]

We are happy to introduce the new book by Dr. Stefan Walzer on Digital Healthcare in Germany: Digital Healthcare in Germany Digital healthcare is heterogeneous along the entire treatment pathway, ranging from monitoring applications and artificial-intelligence-based diagnostics, to support for virtual reality surgery. Since the introduction of the Digital Health Act in Germany in early 2020,

Tune into a brand new episode of the Market Access Podcast to listen to an intriguing conversation about the Italian healthcare system with Giacomo Matteo Bruno and Dr Stefan Walzer. Together they explore the balance between innovation, sustainability, and patient access in the heart of Europe. Discover the evolution, challenges, and future of healthcare in […]

In this captivating episode of MAP, the Market Access Podcast, we welcome Aymeric Chaupin, a seasoned expert in pricing and market access. Aymeric’s unique perspective, shaped by his deep understanding of both the American and European healthcare systems, sheds light on the complexities of healthcare reimbursement pathways in the US and their impact on the […]

Explore the inspiring journey of Dipti Tankala in this podcast episode as she delves into market access within the pharmaceutical industry. From facing challenges in community pharmacy to leading in oncology market access, Dipti shares valuable insights on making impactful career transitions. Market Access veteran Dr. Stefan Walzer and Dipti Tankala also talk about the significance […]

In this essential episode of the Market Access Podcast, we’re diving deep into the critical aspects of commercializing healthcare innovations in the US market. Whether you’re in medtech, pharma, biotech, or health tech, understanding the US healthcare landscape is key to your product’s success. Join us as Dr. Stefan Walzer and Paul-Lukas Hoffschmidt, CEO of […]

Dive deep into the heart of French market access with Dr. Stefan Walzer and Dr. Benoit Salaun on this episode of the Map Podcast. As experts in their fields, they dissect the intricacies of the French healthcare system, focusing on medical device reimbursement, and revealing the critical steps to success in this competitive landscape. This […]

In this Podcast episode, Dr. Stefan Walzer is discussing the specifics of the Swiss market access & reimbursement including the famous article 71, which allows an early paid access. Who else could better speak about the Swiss system with him than Remo Christen? Remo is working since > 20 years in the Swiss market access […]

Are you intrigued by the pulsing heart of Spain’s healthcare sector, or are you considering navigating the vibrant market of medical devices in Spain? Dive into our latest Market Access podcast episode where we unravel the complexities and dynamism of Spain’s medical landscape. Join us as Sergio Gil, a seasoned veteran with over three decades in […]

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